The millennial mythe unraveled

4 May 2018

By far the majority of organizations in the Netherlands are aging spectacularly. From government to industry and law firms to education: virtually no sector can escape it. The peak? It will come around 2035. Until then, the oldest working generations are the largest and the youngest the smallest. Then the aging gradually flattens off.

As a result, organizations are strongly inclined to continue to work with their ways of organizing, collaborating and managing and continue to communicate, the expiration date of which has long since expired. That is dangerous. Especially when the market increasingly asks organizations to keep up and reinvent themselves constantly.

And then we have generation Y, often called millennials. They were born between 1985 and 2000 and with their 17 to 32 years the youngest generation in the workplace. They were raised by the ‘connecting’ generation X: born between 1955 and 1970. This is the generation that now has the greatest influence on existing corporate cultures. These parents stimulated ‘their’ millennials to be mainly authentic and to do what suits them, but at work? Not so much.

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