Masterclasses, workshops and introductions

In an inspiring and interactive team, the participants work at:

> Awareness of generational differences

> Insight in the possibilities to utilize these differences as tools for bringing the company culture to a next level

By bringing change from within the organization as a whole gets energised, vitalised and updated.

We look at the individual aspects (strengths) of all working generations en their different issues, like:

  • How can an aging organization be kept up to speed?
  • How can we be the employer of choice for all generations?
  • How can we work on the sustainability of our work force?
  • How can we embrace the modern ways of working from within our organization?
  • How can we develop contemporary leadership and partnership?

The masterclass can be part of a seminar or be held in your organization as a development tool. The masterclasses can take 30 minutes to 2,5 hours.

For international presentations, booking is also possible at: A-Speakers

Dr. Aart & the Generation Show

The Generation Show of Aart Bontekoning offers an energetic and playful mix of generational scenes, video images and short interruptions, that give insight in the generational differences and how these seep through into our ways of working together. Humor, science and drama clash all come together. It’s about the strength of each generation en how these different forces can either clash or reach great heights. The show is preceded by an introduction from Aart Bontekoning and takes about 1,5 hours.

The Generation Show is especially suited for larger groups en can be part of a masterclass by Aart Bontekoning.
The scenes in the show are based on his research on generations.

MRY scan | Generation research

This scan and approach exists of three separate phases:

  1. A scan is made of the organizational culture with the perspective of the youngest generation.
  2. Members of the more experienced generation hone in on different aspects of the scan.
  3. We make a road map for a cultural update.

Aside from a video recap of the scan itself, you also receive a short report.
Every scan is tailored to the specific needs of the client. In a start-up session, we discus our approach and means.
In addition to the scan we can help to implement the road map for a cultural update with human resource management.

The scan is an efficient three pronged approach. In a single move you:

  1. Update the organizational culture and prepare it for modern day demands.
  2. Vitalise and endorse sustainability of your workforce.
  3. Raise your attractiveness as an employers for all generations.

Culture Scan with all generations

The generation approach is at itself a new way for evolutionary growth. With the combines strength of all working generation -the heart of a professional organization- the organizational culture gets an update. For many organizations this means a cultural shift from top-down management and control towards a more coaching and dynamic structure.

The methods are derived from the research on generations Aart Bontekoning has done within a great number of organizations and branches.

Interactive sessions with the different generations, both one-on-one and in teams, play a vital role in this process.

The approach offers much needed guidance to work on vitalising and shaping an organization and create a sustainable work force that encourages contemporary leadership.

In short
Step 1: Kick-off with an interactive masterclass on generations, as to make a road map.
Time: 1,5 hours

Step 2: Interactive workshop with the separate generations
In a maximum of 1,5 hours every generation displays it’s unique strength in a video. All generation sessions can be done in a single day.

Step 3: Work session with all generations
The participants analyse the run-through videos and come up with an image of the evolutionary developments which are occurring in the organisation. During this session, we also look at interventions that could strengthen this process. This session takes roughly 3 to 4 hours.

Step 4: Work on a supportive interventions with higher management and human resources
With the data collected in session 3 and the recapped videos the participants develop interventions, these use the different strengths found in each individual generation. Combined these elements contribute to higher motivation within the work force and stimulate the continuous evolutionary process towards change. Time needed: 3 to 4 hours.

It is possible to combine the 3rd and 4th step.

In addition the discussions made by the team and a overview of supportive actions can be made for use in making new policies, take strategic action or within HR. A tailor-made implementation process can be written and worked out.

The generation approach is an efficient four-in-one approach. In a single move you work on:

  1. Update the organisational culture and prepare it for modern day demands.
  2. Get grip on the ongoing process of evolutionary change.
  3. Vitalise and endorse sustainability of your workforce.
  4. Raise your attractiveness as an employers for all generations.