Masterclasses & seminars

Topics addressed in the masterclasses and seminars:

  • The science-based generation classification
  • Awareness of the power of generation-diversity
  • How to identify obsolete social processes that need to be left behind and updated
  • Determine the updating power of each generation
  • Tools to support and improve the updating processes with generations
  • Expose the source of biases and misunderstanding
  • The updates of the upcoming newest generation Z (2000-2015).
  • Structures to create an image of and actions towards a healthy and twenty-first-century work community

Each masterclass and workshop is fine-tuned with the client during the preparation phase.

Together with his partner Audry Bron, Aart can expand the topic of diversity to ‘how to create an inclusive organization.’ Audry Bron’s field of expertise is in managing cultural diversity and global communication.

The Generation theatre & Aart Bontekoning

The performance of ‘The Generation theatre & Aart Bontekoning’ offers an energetic and playful mix of generational scenes, videos, short interruptions, and interactions with the participants. The performances give insight into generational differences to help:

  • Recognize obsolete routines that can seep into daily work life, taking away employees’ energy.
  • Show how and why cooperation between generations either clash or reach great heights.
  • Demonstrate which healthy interactions improve teams and organizational performances.
  • How to set up process updates in real-time.

Humour, science, and drama all come together in the performances of the generation theatre & Aart Bontekoning. The interactive show takes about two hours, preceded by an introduction from Aart. Additionally, there is a possibility to extend the show to a half or a whole day; through a mix of real-time generation research, parallel sessions addressing important issues, and a generation-quiz for fun. As a conclusion of the extended version, an image can be made, together with the participants, consisting of movements that they want to make, shifting away from outdated processes towards a twenty-first-century work community, and how to stimulate these movements.

The program will be fine-tuned with the client during the preparation phase.

Generation MRI-scan

The generation MRI-scan consists of three parts:

  1. A concrete image of outdated social processes made with a group (7 – 9 participants) of the concerning generation(s).
  2. Visualizing updates of the youngest generations that can contribute to refreshing obsolete social processes.
  3. Gain insight into outdated social processes that are hard to change and need extra support from all generations, including the management team.

The MRI-scans can be executed in half a day or two days, depending on how many generations take part.

The result of the sessions will be a video summary of the MRI-scan, and on request, a concise written report. The results are shared two weeks after the sessions.

Process consultancy

Aart supports organizations to find their way in leaving behind energy-wasting, obsolete social processes and moving towards energizing contemporary ways of cooperation and organizing. One salient factor in the process is organizations’ willingness to look for solutions across their cultural boundaries.