Dr. Aart Bontekoning & Generations

For over twenty years Aart has researched the evolutionary power of generational diversity within organisations. In 2007 he wrote a dissertation on the subject. In this he came with the generations theory, a unique research method that combines video analysis, effective interventions and testing. In recent years he has been studying the younger generations, namely Millenials (1985 – 2000) and the Generation Z: (2000 – 2015).

Results of the generation theory
Each successive generation, from the oldest to the youngest, has the potential to keep the organization (team, department, network, association) fresh and ‘up to date’ from the inside. This potential can be found in the area where a generation gets the most energy. Especially aging organizations and institutes need to consciously use this force to remain socially, economically and ecologically sound and to remain attractive to employees and customers.

Through interactive masterclasses, performances with the generation theater, articles, books and generational research, Aart shows surprising possibilities and experiences to make better use of the evolutionary power of generations.